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Meet Samantha, Our Office Receptionist at Love My Baby Bump

Samantha office receptionist Love My Baby Bump Clarksville TN

We thought it would be fun to put some faces to the names, and introduce you to our office staff. First up: Samantha, our office receptionist!

Sam is the first face you’ll usually see when you come in for your appointment, and she’s the one who you’ve probably talked to on the phone. She’s been such an amazing addition to our office, especially since she’s such an easy going, go-with-the-flow kind of gal! She spends her days at the office talking to clients all day on the phone, answering questions and booking appointments.

Samantha and Michael

Born and raised in Connecticute, Sam lived in NYC for two years before moving to Clarksville nearly four years ago with her husband, Michael. Michael is stationed at For Campbell, and while they absolutely love Tennessee, Sam is itching to move back to NYC!

Sam and Michael love spending time together and with their 3 dogs Harley, Leo and Luna. When she’s not here with us in the office you can find her in the garden, out hiking or snuggling on the couch watching Netflix because she’s such a homebody. She’s currently watching Blacklist right now, and she says it’s “soooo good!”

3 adorable dogs

Sam’s favorite part about working for Love My Baby Bump is getting to meet and talk to all the families that come in. She loves watching the gender reveals because they are always fun and interesting, and Sam thinks it’s awesome watching families get surprised! Sam’s advice for a mom to be is that “nothing goes as planned, take it easy on yourself and breathe,” which is great advice for everyone!

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