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Pregnancy Precautions During the Winter

With the cold weather comes all of the best things – snow days, endless cups of hot cocoa and the holiday season. However, with all the good of the winter comes a bit of the bad – cold weather, icy conditions and the cold and flu season. There are quite a few pregnancy precautions during the winter that moms to be should take into consideration!

Pregnancy Precautions During the Winter

Pregnancy Precautions During the Winter

1.) Stay hydrated! You would think during the winter that pregnant women wouldn’t be prone to dehydration like they would be during the hotter months of the year. Nevertheless, the winter months are actually quite dry and it’s very easy for pregnant women to forget to stay hydrated because they aren’t sweating like they would in the summer.

2.) Save your skin! With the dry and cold weather, your skin might be more prone to being flaky, dry and unbearably itchy against your swelling belly. Use a great moisturizer and save yourself some discomfort.

3.) Watch the road! With ice, snow and slush, it can make traveling by foot or even by car pretty daunting. Take your time, slow down, and ask your partner to help you keep walking pathways clear around your home. Don’t try and do it yourself, since you could slip or injure yourself.

4.) Avoid the flu however you can. Whether or not you decide to get the flu shot, there are other ways to be mindful of the cold and flu season. Avoid touching your face or your mouth when out in public, wash your hands frequently, and ask friends and family not to visit if they aren’t feeling well. Ask your OBGYN if a flu shot is right for you.

5.) Layer up. Being pregnant, your body temperature is going to be a bit whacky even when the temps are freezing outside. If you can wear layers, you can add or subtract them to keep you comfortable. Wearing things like vests, jackets, beanies and scarves will keep you comfortable and warm!

6.) Exercise safely. It goes without saying that pregnant women should avoid extreme winter sports like snowboarding, but it’s recommended that pregnant women keep fit during pregnancy. Whether that means busting out the yoga mat, hitting up the gym and walking on the treadmill or continuing whatever it is that you’re already doing! Just be sure to clear it with your OBGYN, first.

7.) Eat healthy. With the cold and flu season, getting some extra vitamin C is a great idea. Be sure to incorporate lots of fresh fruits and veggies into your diet!

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