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Should You Hire a Birth Photographer?

There might be nothing more transformative for a woman than the day she gives birth to her baby. Your baby’s birth day one of the most incredible things you’ll ever go through, and not just that – it’s also an incredibly important day for your partner. It’s the day where your whole world changes, and your heart begins to live outside your body.

Not to mention … It’s also quite a busy day! Mothers are busy in labor and their partners are busy doing anything and everything they can to be there for her, and oftentimes that means that there aren’t enough hands to take photos. That is where a birth photographer comes in!

Should you hire a birth photographer?

The short, sweet and simple answer to this is a resounding yes! If you are able to hire someone to come in and document this incredible day for your family, you should absolutely hire a birth photographer.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a birth photographer:

1.) If you’re busy in labor, it’s going to be hard to get photos of delivery and those first few moments with your baby. And your partner is going to be too in awe of how amazing this new life is to be able to capture photos either (plus, they probably want pictures of themselves, too!).

2.) You might forget little moments later on. It might be hard to believe, but details about labor, delivery and your baby’s first hours of life will become fuzzy in your memories later on.

3.) This is a once in a lifetime moment – so hire a professional! There are no do-overs when it comes to labor and delivery, so hire a professional for peace of mind that these important moments will be captured beautifully, in focus and with an artistic eye. Not to mention, many times the lighting is terrible in hospitals and professionals are able to handle unpredictable situations!

4.) Birth photography is NOT just about ooey gooey act of actual delivery – but of telling the story of the day that this new life came earthside. It’s about celebrating the strength of a new mother, the pride of a new father, the joy of a new grandparent, the excitement of new big brothers and sisters.

And most importantly:

Birth deserves to be celebrated!!

Every baby is a miracle, and should be celebrated.

If you’re interested in finding an incredible birth photographer in your area, check out this national registry from Birth Becomes Her!

should you hire a birth photographer?

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