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We will never forget that moment when we saw our first child during our 4D ultrasound. We instantly fell in love with our baby boy. It was amazing to me how technology could help facilitate such a deep bond, and I knew then that ultrasound was my calling. After having my son, I switched from studying pre-medical to becoming an ultrasound technician registered in OBGYN. I absolutely love helping facilitate those bonding moments for families.

Following my passion for ultrasounds, my husband and I combined our talents and opened My Baby Bump Ultrasound Studio in 2007. Our goal was to provide a welcoming space that was large enough for families to come and share their ultrasound experience with the entire family. When my husband and I had our 4D ultrasounds with our first son, it was in a small, medical type office. We had a great experience, but we knew we wanted to create a warmer and more inviting environment where families could relax and enjoy the experience.

Since opening our doors in 2007, we have since become a family of five with three boys and we have scanned more than 30,000 babies. Throughout these years we have enjoyed each and every family that has walked through our doors.

Beginning January 1, 2019, Tennessee state law requires that ultrasounds provided outside of a hospital or doctor’s office be provided by a registered OBGYN sonographer. We pride ourselves on being the only ultrasound studio owned by a registered sonographer in Montgomery County and only hire sonographers who meet the new state law requirements.

You can rest at ease knowing that our office is not only compliant but works above the required standard of care. I have been diligent to attend many ultrasound conferences and courses to ensure that we are up to date on the most current safety practices and technology. With us, you and your baby will be safe and receive the best care possible.

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