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Pregnancy Precautions During the Covid Pandemic

This year has been full of wild twists and turns, and for many – this year when many women found out they were pregnant, they were met with a lot of unknowns. Add in a worldwide pandemic? Boy oh boy, what a crazy time to be welcoming new life into this world! But fear not, mommas. Thousands of babies have been born this year, and we want to make sure our blog readers know some important pregnancy precautions to take during the covid pandemic.

Pregnancy Precautions During the Covid Pandemic

According to a recent study done by Harvard, pregnant women are luckily not at an increased risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, which is fantastic news for many women and their families. That said, there does seem to be a risk for women who do contract covid-19 to have adverse outcomes, such as pre-term birth, so it is always better to error on the side of caution while pregnant. The CDC has put together a great list of pregnancy precautions that women should consider during this pandemic.

pregnancy precautions during covid pandemic

The best tips for pregnant women during the covid pandemic:

  • Limit exposure when possible by staying home.
  • Avoid contact with anyone with a known or suspected Covid diagnosis, or showing any symptoms such as a dry cough, high fever, and new or worsening loss of smell and/or taste.
  • Wear a mask if and when you do go out.
  • Maintain social distancing when possible.
  • Wash your hands often and do a good job at it – at least 20 seconds with soap.
  • Consider having a virtual baby shower in lieu of a big party with in-house guests.
  • Avoid traveling if at all possible, including for your babymoon.

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