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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Childbirth

Around the beginning of your third trimester, it’s a good idea to start kicking “getting ready for baby” into high gear. This means finishing up the nursery, deciding on what baby’s name will be and of course: packing for childbirth!

So, we thought it would be a great idea to share a list of items that you’ll need when you head into the hospital when you go into labor, as part of our Advice for Moms-To-Be!

What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Childbirth

What to Pack for a New Mom

  • A hairbrush and other toiletries. Trust us, you’ll want to be able to brush your hair and your teeth – and not with the cute little comb or awful free toothbrushes that hospitals will sometimes provide! Don’t forget your deodorant, a little makeup (if you wear normally wear it), lotion, chapstick and rubber bands/bobby pins for your hair.
  • Your own pads (or maybe even adult diapers). The hospital will provide those mesh panties, but sometimes it’s nice to have alternative options for yourself.
  • Comfortable clothing. The last thing you want to do is put on a pair of jeans after having a baby, whether you have a natural birth or a c-section. Bring comfortable clothes, including a nursing bra if you plan to breastfeed. And definitely pack extra underwear!
  • Nipple cream. Speaking of breastfeeding, those first couple of days can be super rough, so stock up on nipple cream. Breast pads are a good idea too, to soak up any leakage!
  • A long cell phone charger. You’re going to want to be able to have your phone charged and ready to go for FaceTime, texting, and of course taking tons of photos and videos!
  • Glasses. If you wear contacts, you might want to bring your “just in case” glasses because it might be a little bit easier than trying to put contacts in.
  • Your own pillow. If you’re one of those types of women who needs their pillow to be able to sleep, definitely don’t forget it when you head into the hospital!
  • Flip flops. For showering.
  • Slippers. For walking around without putting on real shoes.
  • Snacks. Hospital food is, generally speaking, not great. So bring your favorite snacks to munch on!

What to Pack for a New Baby

  • Extra onesies and gowns. While you’re learning how to change diapers, it’s a wise idea to keep some extra onesies and gowns in your reach. The baby gowns that don’t have leggings are the absolute best, because it’s less buttons to deal with. That’s an especially awesome thing at 2:30am. Some new moms prefer their babies to wear footie pajamas, so bring both so you know what you prefer!
  • Extra socks. Hospitals can be chilly, especially for little babies!
  • Baby beanies. Babies lose a lot of their heat through their bare heads, so be sure to bring soft, warm beanies for your baby to wear (especially important during winter months). The hospitals will provide one, usually – but we bet yours are much cuter!
  • Blankets. Yes, the hospital will provide you with some blankets but it’s nice to bring your own, too! If you’ve got pets at home, if you have your partner take a blanket with your baby’s scent on it home for your pets, that will help ease the transition for them once baby comes home in a few days!
  • Going Home Outfit. You’ve spent months planning on what your baby will wear on the way home – don’t forget to pack it!
  • Pacifiers. Bring a few different options because guess what? Not all babies like the same kind of pacifiers!

And last but not least (and obviously not something you’ll have in the hospital bag):

A carseat. Obviously. Pro tip? Install the base to the infant carrier when you pack your hospital bag, so that way it’s already in there and ready to go, and you (or your partner) aren’t scrambling trying to do it when you’re in labor or postpartum.

To make it easy for you, we created this infographic about what to pack in your hospital bag for childbirth, feel free to pin it onto your Pinterest boards!

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Childbirth

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